First Day Experience

   A worthwhile experience in this day, January 21, 2019. Mr.Cahya picked us in the hostel for us to go to Universitas Muhammadiyah Prof. Dr. Hamka (UHAMKA) Fakultas Keguruan Dan Ilmu Pendidikan to meet the teachers, staffs as well as the students. Also, we toured the school and it’s really amazing. They have a very accommodating place, accessible library, labs, playing area as well as the rooms. In this moment of time, we finally met Mr.Purnama Syae Purrohman, Head of Cooperation and Internal Relation Office who was the one that interviewed us. They are very hospitable because they bought lunch for us and the food is kinda flavorsome and that made me full. We also have a discussion and conversation with the coordinators about each other’s curriculum at the same time fixing and agreement of our stay here in Indonesia.

Image of Positivity. I am now ready for my journey, the neophyte is about to metamorphose.
Meet and Greet. We, the SEA Teachers B7 of MMSU and PNU together with Mr.Purnama, Mr. Cahya and Mrs. Acuña beams as we smile while taking pictures together as it signals that we welcome each other.

Graciously Sparkling. Mariano Marcos State University-College of Teacher Education B7 SEA Teachers, Jessa Mae Banquirig, Twinkle Joy Bautista, Samantha Nicole Tagari humbly steps in UHAMKA meeting their coordinators.

Pictures Turns Into Reality. Finally, I am now able to see personally UHAMKA
A Glance that Never Lasts
Talk for a Better Understanding. It feels like we were home, all is comfortable to talk with.
Mouthwatering Food. It is my first time to try the food and it does not fail my appetite because it’s really flavorsome.
Tour to Be Informed. Through the guidance of Mr. Cahya, we were able to visit the different place of their institution which is the Faculty of Eduction in UHAMKA and it is quite wide and very accessible
Faculty of English Department

Actual rooms of students
UHAMKA’s Auditorium
Student Services Building

UHAMKA’s Faculty Library
Free Wifi Area
Man Figure of UHAMKA he is famous in Asia because of his services
Muhammadiyah Organization Chief Founder
UHAMKA’s Student’s Center. Students here we’re lucky because they can stay here and it is wide enough for them to relax on.
It is amazing, they have their own parking area and also with a playing area.
This is a speech lab in which students were trained to speak Indonesian and Japanese. They think they have enough facilities and I have not seen before like this, it is only here.
This building has four rooms which they used these rooms for practice teaching recording. It was equipped with video cameras because in here they are very strict in observing their students because as what Mr. Cahya said, “we should strictly monitor them because hiring teachers here in Indonesia is highly competitive, so we need to forced them to speak up”.
This is the biology, physics and experiments room of the school
This is a miniature view design of the building here in UHAMKA.

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