img_2011Spotting for a Case. At this moment, I have to look for a piece of luggage that will suit all of my things to bring in Indonesia, so I have bought a 20-25kgs luggage at Mart 1 Laoag City, Ilocos Norte, Philippines with the help of my cousin and of course, the sales man.

Spotted Case at It’s Finest. Thus, I have chosen a silver Port Gear luggage which is really good, good for my security and for my packed things.😊

Pack to Be Ready. January 19, 2019, this is my last day to pack my things and double check if what is still missing of all the things I will bring in my internship. So, I have brought presents for our coordinators, principal, teacher training instructor, buddies and to the kids in UHAMKA. The presents were chocolates which is made from the Philippines, keychains, notebooks and coin purses.