First Encounter

   Mixed emotions were felt in this day. It made me feel lonely at the same time an overflowing excitement because we are now to move to our dorm at UHAMKA Faculty of Education. It is a sad goodbye to our new friends from Philippine Normal University (PNU) Kim and Ralph because they will be staying in a homestay. So, we grab the opportunity to share chitchats with each other about our culture in Ilocos Norte and as well as in Manila. We shared also insights into some political figures.

   If someone egress, someone will enter. We have met our buddy, Miss Dinda as well as with her friends Tashia and Chuchum. They accompanied us on buying hangers as well as pales because we need it for our daily living here in Indonesia. Heavy rain came while we were walking on the road. In here another evident thing that Indonesian people really are very hospitable because when we were waiting for the rain to stop, we stayed in front of a Sari Rasa store and we didn’t expect, they let us enter even if we don’t order and it is what I’m thankful with.

  In the night was our first encounter with our dorm, and we will be staying in first floor, Room 101. It is nice because it can accommodate us but it is hard at the same time because the comfort rooms are far from our room and also with the drying area, we still need to go downstairs and walk for around five minutes to get there. The door in our room is secured but it just made me feel creepy because the windows don’t have lock.

   These experiences made my January 22, 2019 a worthwhile day.

Spot to Rest. This is our room in the hostel for two days.
Pose for a Relief. It is a bit hard for me to leave the place because somehow I feel belong in the hostel.
Memorable Goodbye. We are now seizing our stay together because we will now be deployed in our own dorms. From the left is Ralph, Jessa Mae, Samantha, Twinkle and the girl in red is Kim
First Encounter. At last, we already met Tinda, our buddy.
Halo Room 101. We are now staying in our dorm here in UHAMKA.
Memories that Never Lasts. Together with our new found friends, we stayed here in a Juice Flavor Resto to wait for the rain to stop.
We went outside to buy our needed things in the dorm.
This is the drier area where we will dry our clothes because it is a policy in the dorm not to hang our clothes inside the room.
Eat to be Full. We had our late dinner and Miss Tinda ordered for us seafood’s to eat and the foods (crab, shrimp, and squid) were delicious.

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