Sweet Goodbyes

January 19, 2019

This is the day when I first went away from my family it is really hard in my part to be away from them especially to my son. But because I am thinking of our future, my son’s future, and the opportunities that are waiting for me at Indonesia, I grabbed and joined this project. I could say that it is a sad goodbye in the beginning but as I go on, I am claiming that it is already a sweet goodbye because I had the chance to widen my abilities, knowledge, and skills in teaching. This will be my key to be a successful teacher.

I am smiling to hide the loneliness I am feeling at that moment because I really love my son and partner.
This is also a family picture of us before I leave home. Until I see you again😘
This is our picture with my grandfather, I talked to him before I leave the house and to remind him to always take his medicine because I want him to be strong always and keep in touch until I’ll go home again.😘 February 16, 2019 For the second time around, I am again waiving goodbye. The memories of yesterday will never be forgotten. Thank you so much to our dear coordinators who did their best during our stay in Indonesia. Also to our friends from Philippine Normal University. I will never ever forget your kindness.