The Long Wait is Over

   I can’t believe it! I have many first time experienced that made myself felt fulfilled even if I am not yet in the middle of our excursion. To be honest, it is my first time to ride a bus going to Manila, Philippines. Yes, I have not been to Manila yet except when I grab this opportunity, the SEA Teacher Project. Before, I always envy my sister and friends because they kept on talking about Manila, I am really curious about it because it is the capital of our country. Also, to hear that I am going to ride in an airplane, Wow! It made me a jaw dropping moment. I always say, “Thank you God, you are so great, I did not expect this to make me experience of all these things”. In here, I have reflect on, that if you do your best honestly with perseverance, God will do the rest to make you feel great.

   So, This is it! Together with the seven SEA Teacher B7 Students and our very ever Prof. Estrella Luis have travelled to Manila because it is where we (SEA Teacher B7) will ride to go to our destination which is in Indonesia. We rode on a Florida Bus which is a sleeper bus and in there we slept for 8 hours because we travelled 10:15 in the evening of January 19, 2019 and we have arrived at Sampaloc, Manila 6:00 in the morning of January 20, 2019. After which, we immediately proceeded to Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) Terminal 3, Gate 6 to wait because it’s too early for our boarding time which is 8:35 in the evening. Then, before 7 pm, we get immediately to gate 103 of Cebu Pacific because it is where we will enter and proceed to the airplane. Thirty minutes before the boarding time, we went to the airplane already and again I really can’t believe, I am now able to step in an airplane and tears just fall because it is really unexpected for me to be part of it. So, I felt excitement and I also felt loneliness because it is my first time to be away from my family but I need to strengthen myself because this is for my future and our future so I need to do my best. Now, when the plane has took off, it made me grab the opportunity to took pictures outside the vicinity of Manila and it is quite a beautiful view during the night. It also made me realize that it is not easy to ride in an airplane because I can’t stretch well and also to sleep better. Upon arriving to Jakarta, Indonesia, I thanked God for the safe trip. There we looked for our coordinator who will picked us and thankfully Mr. Cahya is there patiently waiting for us because we have experienced a delayed flight which it turned out to 9:09 pm to 1:30 am of January 21,2019 which is supposed to be 8:35 pm until 11:55 pm of January 20,2019. Next, is we have arrived in a hostel which is named Maerokoco Sharia Rooms where we will stay for two days because there are still matters that our coordinator needs to fix and surprisingly, we have met other Filipino students from Philippine Normal University (PNU) namely Kim, Ralph, Benjo, Kathleen, Katrine and Kayee together with their teacher, Dr. Ma. Jhona Acuña from the Department of Arts and Science at PNU.

   This is now the beginning of my SEA Teacher experience and I need to rest for now to boost my body for the upcoming activities because we arrived here around 3:30 in the morning and it’s quite tiring.☺️

Sweet Goodbyes. It is my very first time to be away from my family and it saddens me a lot, but I always strengthen my self for I will give them the best future ahead.

This is the bus that we rode on to go to Manila. It is a sleeper bus of Florida and we have experienced to sleep better than the usual bus. We traveled at 10:15 in the evening.

One Team, One Stallion. Hold High the Green and Gold MMSU-CTE, we are the last batch SEA Teachers to travel and have our internship at Indonesia.

We are the Batch 7 SEA Teachers who will have our practice teaching at UHAMKA and we represent the Bachelor of Elementary Education(BEED), General Education Department. Starting from the left with a color white in a shirt is Samantha Nicole Tagari, then Twinkle Joy Bautista and Jessa Mae Banquirig.

We are now inside the bus heading to Manila and I’m excite it is my first time to go to Manila.

We’re here, this is my first step in Sampaloc, Manila. Wow there has lots of buildings unlike in the province and we have arrived here 6:00 in the morning of January 20, 2019

We are nowhere in Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) Terminal 3 Gate 6, and we stayed here for 12 hours because it is too early for our flight to Indonesia.

I have the sweetest smile here because I can’t still believe I have arrived here at the airport and in my entire life I’ve been dreaming to go here.

Wow. It’s quite big. It is my first time to see an airplane. It’s amazing.

It is boarding time. Yeah, I’m really excited, I can’t wait to ride in an airplane.

This is now the entrance of the plane. A few more steps, I will be inside already.😊
Finally, I am now in the plane. In here I have realized that inside the plane is like what is inside in a bus. So it’s nice, they have in common

The unpainted smile of us as we got into the plane is very memorable and we will treasure this experience forever.

What a breathtaking aerial view of Manila Philippines 😮 !

I still manage to smile even if we have a 1 hour delayed flight.
So, the plane has land in Soekarna Hatta International Airport and I’m glad we have landed safe.☺️

I am now waiting for my luggage and it took a bit long and at the end, I’ve got it with no dents at all
The long wait is over, we are so glad Mr. Cahya fetched up at the airport. This is it, I’m ready.
We rode in the school bus of UHAMKA and it’s a cute thing they have like this.
After the trip, we went into a hostel which is the Markoco Shariyah Rooms to stay there for a meanwhile.

It is a very tiring day and I need to take a rest. This is the view of our room.

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