Final Evaluation

February 6, 2019. This is the day of my final evaluation. I taught English 5I class which is the first time that I have met them, with the topic Past Simple and Past Continuous Using When. Exactly 6:30 in the morning, I already got to school for I need to prepare because this is my final evaluation. Also, the time of my evaluation is from 7:00 am until 8:10 am this day. I don’t feel so nervous at all instead I felt the excitement to teach. My teacher critic was Ms. Mitta Friandani Halawa and the evaluator from UHAMKA FKIP which is Mr. Cahya Komara.

The first thing I did in the class is to greet the class and let the pupils pray. After it, I demonstrated a simple exercise and a song as an ice breaker for them to be motivated.

The song and exercise is 🎶Jogging, jogging(2x), hop, hop, hop (2x), walking, walking, walking (2x) clap, clap, clap(2x) and sit down🎶. From this exercise alone, the children were actively participating and they are enjoying because they can follow the steps. Also, with this exercise, it is in relate with my topic because these are verbs which is I will teach the verb’s past tense and past continuous using when. The next thing I did is to conduct a review which is I have flashcards that were shown to them and they need to identify it if it is a verb. Then I have proceeded with the lesson proper, and what I did for the pupils to understand it is that I have unlocked what is “when”, “past simple” and “past continuous”. As a teacher, I should not always depends on a teacher centered situation because basing from my philosophy, I want learners to be involved and this in a way that, I have encourage them stand, share their opinions and answer my questions. I also let my pupils come in front and have their opportunity to underline the verbs, past tense and past continuous that uses when which is found in the sentence. On the other hand, to maintain classroom management, as one of my techniques, I have the emojis, smiley and sad face. If the pupils were not listening, sad face will be shown and if a smiley face is shown, it means that the teacher is happy and the students are actively participating. The good thing here is that they always comply and they don’t want me, their teacher to be sad and in this situation, I am really happy because they are obedient and knows how to respect me as their teacher even if I’m only a practice teacher. After the generalization, I conducted an activity which is a game regarding our topic, wherein they were divided into three groups. The most number of correct answers will be the winner. In this game, the winner is Group 2. After the application part is the evaluation in which they were given two pictures to determine the verb that was shown and they have created sentence using past tense and past continuous using when. That was the end of my lesson and to formally close the discussion, I asked them if they have learned from me and they said yes and that made me feel happy.

After packing my things, Mr. Cahya congratulated me for the job well done. Then after a few minutes, Ms. Mitta went to my side and she said something to me that all throughout my life, I will never ever forget this. I am touched of what she said, “Very good Jessa, you did well today, you are a great teacher and you really know how to teach, I hope you will pursue with this course because you have a great future that awaits you”. Honestly, it made me teary-eyed, it is a very fruitful message coming from a teacher that in my life, there are really people who can appreciate my efforts. I am not joking, I really feel so overwhelmed that whenever I remember what she said, it fades away the feelings of loneliness I always feel.

This is my day, a very memorable and special day that forever in my life, I will never ever forget.

A selfie before the start of my class with these kids of 5I Kelas
This is a picture after the evaluation. Look, I am with Ms.Mitta and 5I pupils😘
Different Person, Different Personality, Different Culture but still, We are United as One💕

These are my instructional materials in the review part of the lesson. Also, the emoji as part of my classroom management.
They all listen to me in my discussion which means they respect me as their teacher.
“Tell me and I will forget, show me and I may remember, involve me and I will understand”-Confucious
“Raise your hand children if you want to answer”, that is always my line to my pupils if they want to say something or answer because this is a part of classroom management.
The pupils were cooperating because they are having a group game as part of the application of the lesson.
The class is having their evaluation part of the lesson and at the back were Ms. Mitta and Mr. Cahya discussing.

They are individually working with the task I’ve given them.
Before the start of the class, she gave me this present for me and I felt shock because I didn’t expect this. She is really so kind and sweet. She said to me, “This is for you Ms. Jess, it is from Korea because my mom went there”, and I said thank you😍
In the end of my class, Ghaina gave this drawing to me. She said, “hey Ms. Jess Mae, this is for you”. “Ohh. How so sweet of you, thank you so much, ” I said.

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