Day 16 in Indonesia

February 5, 2019

   There is a none special working holiday this day because it is Chinese New Year, so it is our time to rest, but on the other hand, we take this day as our time to buy souvenirs and “pasalubong”/presents to our friends and family in the Philippines. We also planned to buy our own National Indonesian Costume because we are also embracing the culture of Indonesia and this is also to show that we respect each other.

   Together with Eliza, Ratna, Ika (very kind dorm mates), Twinkle Joy and Samantha (SEA Teachers), we first went to Pusat Grocir Cililitan (PGC). In here, we stayed 3 1/2 hours roaming around the place and finding the store that has the cheapest price for the National Costume. At this point I have proved how much our dorm mates care for us, they patiently wait whenever we buy something, they talk to the salesmen just to ask the price because we were advised by them not to talk in English because if they will found out, maybe the salesmen will give us a higher price than the usual one. In the end, I have bought many presents for my family and I feel so happy because I’m excited to give these to all of them.

   In the afternoon, we also went to MONAS or National Museum with Kim, Dinda, Samantha and Twinkle Joy. We rode in a transJakarta bus and it takes 1 hour and 15 minutes travel because it has many stopovers. Then after that, I was able to see the place. There are many tourists in the place even if it is night already, there are still who go and visit the place. Inside the Monas is a museum but we were not able to visit inside because there is an entrance fee. So, after a few hours, I, Samantha and Twinkle Joy wanted to go home already but still, we have friends to wait to but, the three of us needs really to go home because it’s going to be late and it’s not a good thing because the dorm will close 9:00 in the evening and that is the plan of our other friends, to go home at 9 pm. So, what we did is we went home alone using a grab and thanks to the driver we have safely arrived.

  After all, it is a wonderful day that I will never forget.

Invading PGC. We are now ready to go to PGC to buy souvenirs and presents☺️. Starting from the left with sky blue shirt, it is me(Jessa), Twinkle Joy, Ika, Samantha, Ratna and Eliza.
Halo PGC. We have arrived to the place and this is now the outlook of PGC.
Shop ’til Lasts. This is the place where I bought my Indonesian National Costume.💕
Tannun at its finest. I’ve got my Indonesian National Costume for 100000 Rupiah and my costume is called Tannun.
My First Time to Walk in Bus Way. Oh, it is really my first time to walk in a busway and it feels like my feet were shaking.😁
Heading to TransJakarta Bus. This is our way to the bus and it will be my first time riding it.
Buy the First Basis. We need to buy a card in order for us to enter the bus itself. It was Dinda who bought the card and later on, we paid it.
Tap First to Enter. This is the use of the card we bought and this is for us to enter
Entry Point. Now, it is my turn to enter. I’m so excited☺️
This is the inside view of the bus and I have learned that in every station, there are people waiting to enter the bus also in every stopover there are also who went outside.

Smart Toilet. Wow, it is my first time to enter a toilet like this, a card is still needed to enter it and I’m worried of how I will go outside that’s why, I have observed first.😁

Heading to Monas. This is it I will be able to see Monas in a few moment.
Hurray, Monas. I am now at the gate of the place.
Tourists All Around. It has really many tourists in the place.
Let’s go to Souvenir Shop. We are going to buy souvenirs for our friends, family and schoolmates.

This is the souvenir shop.
Smile Until I Can. In this moment, I am already tired and I need to sit because my back is already aching. Yet, I still manage to smile. 🙂
Keraktelur. This is a national food of Indonesia, it is an egg with rice which is fried. It tastes unique because there is also a coconut mixed with the food.
A Closer Look with Monas
Yes! I have a picture near Monas.
Panorama of the place
Capture the Memories. This is our photographed moment with my friends. From the left Jessa(myself), Twinkle Joy, Dinda, Samantha and Kim.
My happiness seems like I am a kid😂
Thank you pak for the safe travel throughout.
This is the car we rode when we went home.

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