Footsteps Towards Success

The journey is over but the memories last forever. It was a delightful journey after all. The neophyte has been metamorphosed into a fine teacher.

I’ve been exposed to a sphere where I have bloomed and my different abilities have been developed that made me more responsible as well as a more passionate preceptor.

I still can’t believe that I was a part of the B7 SEA Teacher Project. This program gave me many opportunities that in my life I will be forever grateful for being part of this.

Before, I have many imperfections toward handling children. I always thought of them fragile that one mistake I might do, I may break their feelings. But as I go on, I have realized and learned that the one I’m thinking will never happen if I consider them a part of me and treating them like my own children.

I have also learned many strategies in dealing with children. That it needs them many motivations in order for them to catch their attention. The instructional materials are also very necessary to direct their attention in my lesson. It is not always on the high technology that urges them to listen but also on low technologies that today, they just seldom see. Yes, I have implemented low technologies in my different discussion like using flashcards and Manila papers with drawings. Children also love songs, so in my class, I never forget to integrate it, especially those action songs. As well as with incentives. Like giving them chocolates and with “very good, correct”, they have been motivated in that matter

I can say that I really enjoyed teaching because of the none stop happiness towards my class. In the end, I said, “Is this really the price of teaching?” You really can’t say it when you have not experienced it yet but when this happens, I can say that I will never ever quit teaching. Instead, I will push it because I found a unique feeling about it. I just love to see my children enjoy my class and I’m expecting more many shared memories with my future learners.

Thank you so much to SEAMEO for making me experience this one of a kind project. I have learned so much even if we have a very challenging experience.😊

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