The Marvels of Friday’s

What do you think is good with Friday’s? Well, this February 15, 2019, I have gained new experiences that in my life, I will never ever forget.

This is also the last time for us to roam Jakarta. It’s sad right? We should have an extended time to seize the place.

In this day, together with Samantha, Twinkle and Dinda, we went to Kota Toa, to visit the museums, mosque and cathedral. It was very tiring because we travelled  from 8:30 Am until 6:30 pm.

This is also my first time to ride in a train and this is only the time that inside the train composed of many commuters, so we just stand and wait till the passengers goes out.

In the night, while fixing my luggages, two ladies went to the dorm and searching for us, they were Salma and Umi. They are also Batch 7 SEA Teachers  and they want to have bond with us and I really like them because they are friendly.

This is the train were we rode.
This is what inside the train,many commu
I can still manage to smile even if my waist is aching.
This is our route and we are now at Jakarta Kota.
This is the card that we used in order for us to reached our destination and we payed this for 13000 Rupiah. The good thing here is that when we get back they also give back the 10000 Rupiah.
This is the Museum Sejarah and this was made as a remembrance for the Duchesses Colonizers of Indonesia.
I really look so happy in that picture because it is my first time to see a canon.
This is also the museum
I took a picture in this part because I found it a beautiful view.
This is like the heritage site in the Ilocos province of Philippines which is the Vigan
I don’t have so much expenses in this day because we often ride in a free bus.
This is the biggest cathedral in Indonesia in which the late President Soekarno planned to build this.

This is also their Masjid Istiqlal.

We have good friends who visited us and brought us food which were mini donuts

At the end of the day, I made sure that all of my belongings is packed

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