Stepping Back Again the Pearl of the Orient Sea

It was a wonderful journey after all. I thank all of those who was been a part of my journey. Especially those who helped us during our internship. It’s difficult to say we’re going home because for just a period of 27 days, we have created memories that will forever be treasured.(Referring to our coordinators, buddies, mentors, friends, learners). Maybe I will not be of ease to move on because I am already used to this set up, my life in Indonesia.

On the other hand, I can now smell the breeze of air coming from my beloved country, the touch of sun’s rays from the airplane signals that I am going to welcome again my Pearl of the Orient Sea. We touched down to NAIA Terminal 3 at exactly 6:30 am of February 17, 2019. But, upon the arrival, I can feel that my body is not cooperating, and I found out that I have flu😭. What a very tragic incident. I should be happy because finally I’m going to meet my family again but sad to say I am not. I bear patience with me for the remaining 12 hours because we need to ride in a bus going to our hometown Ilocos Norte. We travelled 10:00 in the morning and I got home at 10:00 in the evening. My partner went to pick me up at the bus station and Upon stepping in front of our house, my mom, brother and dad helped me to carry my stuffs and in our door, I saw my baby, he was holding a simple banner and it says in there that “ Welcome home mama-Andrei”. I was really touched, I cried, hugged him tightly and carried him. I really missed my son so much😣

I thanked God for bringing me home safe even if I am sick. I was able to see my family again. I hope for a fast recovery of mine.

Now, I am waiting for our flight. I’ve been tired the whole time, this is the reason why I got sick because the management always relocate our gates for our boarding. I have many heavy stuffs, backpack, laptop and my sling bag.😷
The sun starts to shine outside the airplane as we touched down to the Philippines.
We finally arrived at NAIA Terminal 3.
This is the bus we’re we rode to go home. I stayed at the back and sleep there because my body can’t bear the pain anymore
I’m really touch with the effort that my son did for me. In his lil age, he was able to make me surprise and he’s really sweet.

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