Closing Program and Awarding of Certificates

The denouement of my SEA Teacher story happened last February 16, 2019.

In the closing program, we have shared our journey as a SEA Teacher at the same time we add up our culture in the place where we live in. It was a very momentous day because we are presenting in front of the coordinators as well as with the PNU SEA Teachers.

After the presentation, we grabbed the opportunity to give our simple tokens for the school as well as with our coordinators. Then later on, they awarded us the certificates for joining the project. I am so glad, I have another certificate in my portfolio.

After the program, we immediately went to the airport with our coordinators as well as with our co-SEA Teachers.

We shared our experiences in terms of commuting and how children treated us
I was the first presenter in this day
I shared the local foods that we have
This is our picture with our coordinators in which we gave the simple tokens from MMSU as well as from
Mr. Purnama awarded the certificate to us.
These were the tokens we gave to our coordinators.

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