Look What I’ve Got⬇️😍

Wonderful 13th of February 2019!😉 Wondering why?

Let me tell you my story on this day.

In the early morning, we proceeded immediately to the teacher’s room waiting for the teachers that we will help in conducting the test. All I thought, this day will just an ordinary day as I experience usually.

It is 5 minutes before 7:00 Am and Ms. Mitta is not yet around and the exam is exactly 7 o’clock in the morning. So, what I did is I just got the test papers and proceeded to room 24 wherein the examinees were the Class 3C. I let the pupils pray first and give the test. The exam is about Civic Education and what I like about this is they are very focused on having their exam.

This is my first duty, to be with Class 3C
I am now ready to distribute the test papers.

After the examination of Class 3C, this time Class 3 D.

This is a panorama of the whole 3D while having their exam.
Class 3D is located at room 25 and they are all 22.
It feels like I am really the teacher because Ms. Mitta gave me the privilege to sign the spaces below as one of the examiners.
This is how they pass their paper, according to the number of the learner.

Now, I will continue my story. After the exam, someone went to me running and I look who is she/he and it is Aulia. 😁 I thought, she will do Salim but I was a bit nervous when she said to me, “Ms. jessa, let us talk privately. Please come here”. and “Ohh? Really? Why? Is there a problem? You’re making me tense, ” I said. So, she directed me to go to a corner. In her hand is a bag which contains stuffs and I don’t really know what it is. I kept on asking her of what is the problem until she lends me something in my hand and it is a gift😲. Really I can’t believe it? and she added, “wait Miss, I have also chocolate for you.”🤭 (I’m feeling red at that moment). I feel so lucky at that time and she is so sweet in her actions. I really appreciate her efforts in giving me such. That is why I thanked her so much and gives her tightly hug.

This is our picture, Teacher Jessa and Aulia, and I am holding the presents she gave me. A chocolate and a gift which is wrapped
Look what I’ve got, inside the gift is a pink long sleeve with a letter🤩
It is not only me who received a gift but also with my co-SEA Teachers.😍

Who would have thought that an intern like me, had received presents? and it is timely, tomorrow will be Valentine’s Day. Honestly, I never expect for someone to give me presents like these because my focus is to impart knowledge and wisdom to my learners. This is my second time receiving a gift and this happens only in my stay here Indonesia.

In this situation, maybe, I could say that the learners I have taught really appreciates me and with my co-SEA Teachers also.

Now, I can now say that if you really do your best honestly, patiently and happily, God will do the rest and He will be the one to make a way for you to experience the fulfillment in life.

This what made my day wonderful! 🤩

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