12th Day of February 2019

  A teacher always lends her time in service especially when a time like this.

   It is the second day of SD Islam PB. Soedirman Bilingual and Regular Class’ examination. I lend my service to Grade 4C and Grade 5 C in this day. Together with Ms. Kartika, we conducted the examination in this class. While Ms. Tika is out, I was the one who looks after the examinees. At this point, I have learned that during their examination, half of each section exchanged together. This is to avoid cheating. Just like this instance, I went to room 35 wherein there are two different sections here. In the left part is Class 4 C and in the right part is Class 5C. It is a unique way of conducting a test and also a strategy of the school.

   I also continued doing my report in the afternoon so that my time will not be wasted because I want to lessen my burden of doing stuff when I go back to the Philippines because I want to seize my time bonding with my family to catch up for the so long period of time that I am not with them.

Good job 👍 Grade 4C and Grade 5C because they behaves well as they are having their examination.
This is an instruction to locate easily the room I’m going.
I did the distribution of answer sheets.
They look happy to take the test because it is Mathematics!😄
This is my other job. Look, I have to tape the coupon bond for an easy typing☺️

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