My 22nd Day Activity

February 11, 2019

It’s SD Islam PB. Soedirman’s Pekan Penilaian I/ Examination week. We are not going to teach anymore. Instead, we are going to assist teachers in facilitating the test.

In this day, I have assisted Ms. Nurhikmat in giving test questions to the examiners (teachers in the school) because she was the one in charge of distributing the test papers after getting it in the administration office. In connection with this matter, I helped her to distribute, arrange the envelopes in their order of number for it to be easily seen, carry the test papers from the office through the teacher’s room, reunite the test papers for the same class and writing the section in front of the envelope to easily recognize by the advisory teacher.

It is such a good experience because it develops my skill in organizing.

Information Posted. In front of the school, the schedule, rooms and assigned teacher of the pupils were posted in a small standee bulletin board for the pupils to locate their designated room for testing.
Important Envelopes. These are the envelopes which have test papers inside to be given to the examiner. There is now a disarrangement of numbers because the other envelopes were taken by the examiner already.
An Image of Instruction. This information is pasted in front of the envelope for the examiners to easily locate the room.
Reuniting. The first part of the test is now finished. So, the examiners will give back the test papers to us and it is for us to reunite the same section/class.
Carry Things and Smile. The first part of the test is done and together with Ms. Nur, we went to get another set of test papers in the office.
Reuniting Papers Again. We reunite papers immediately because it is also given immediately to the advisory teacher of that section.
Write to Be Recognize. Now, I need to write the specific section in front of the envelope so that the teacher will easily recognize that this is the test papers of her/his class.

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