Day 19-Facilitating and Assisting

February 8, 2019

Hurray! It’s Friday and it’s Arts Day with 4F Class! My duty this day is to facilitate the learners in molding a clay of their choice. Also, to assist Mr. Fathur to distribute the needed materials of the pupils.

I facilitated the pupils through roaming around and looking for what they are doing and they asked my help on how to make a teapot, horn of a unicorn. There I demonstrated first and they make their own also. This activity is such a wonderful experience because it is where they can express their feelings and of course their creativity. Also, as their teacher, I also did my own version of creativity because a teacher should always be the role model for them to be encourage to do their best also.

In the latter part of the class, I was touched by Naura, Aurel and Syifa because they told me that they will sing a song for me and It feels me so overwhelmed and touched. Honestly, this is my first time to hear that someone will sing a song for me, not just one but three. I’m crying inside because I haven’t experienced this in my past especially when someone is courting me. I’m really thankful to this project of SEAMEO because of all places, situations, people I met, only here in Jakarta, Indonesia where I found those people whom I’ve been searching for to sing for me.

Post Script: I didn’t really request them to sing for me, it’s their will to do that for me. How sweet of them and I will never forget them. How I hope, I can see you again personally even if I go back to the Philippines Naura, Aurel and Syifa.😘❤️

Molding Clay. These are my cute version of miniatures. I’ve made this alone. From the left is mug creature, in the middle is a little man and in the right is a pot with flowers.
I am distributing the materials (clay and their mat to use on).
Mr. Fathur is demonstrating how to make a circle shape out of the clay.
Let the ball roll in, they are now making their own version of the miniature.
It’s is cute to see little hands moving. They have the focus is working.
4F Class are now displaying their outputs.
Finished products of the class

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