Day 18- Assisting and Reviewing

In this day, I helped Ms. Anisah through assisting her in giving the review test for the pupils. I was the one who distributed the test questions also the one who maintains classroom management all throughout the class. The first class I went is in 3G Class. In every after the test, we reviewed the queations because next week will be their Monthly Test. Also, in 3F Class, I was the one who look after them because the teacher went to the office. The good thing here is that the pupils knows how to behave.

After the test is checking their paper. My co-SEA Teacher, Samantha, helped in checking their papers because it is a 120 item test and they are all 41 and I should not make mistakes of this because this will be given again to the pupils for they will review it and in this day, I gave immediately the test papers after we have checked it.

Teacher Jessa is distributing test papers to 3G Class
These are my 3G Class
This is their test paper
These are my 3F Class
3F Class while answering questions
Reviewing the questions as their preparation for the upcoming Monthly Exam.
Teacher Jessa is now checking the papers
This is Ms. Anisah whom I assisted in this day.

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