4th Day of Actual Teaching

   It was a very good day! In this day, I have seen 20 happy faces, I have also given them enough knowledge and they have recognized my efforts. I am feeling overwhelmed with my 4I class in this day. They were so active, they even know how to discipline themselves because I have found my own strategy in doing it. I have also received a very capturing comment with my teacher, Miss. Kartika. She told me, “The student teacher can make students happy and active during her lesson.” Also with “Content and organization of instruction are good enough.” It really touches me 😍.

   In this day, the bottom line is that I have made my students happy and they learned and that is the very important thing because I believed, I have made my very best for them to learn.

Superactive Students. This is another memory to treasure with 4I Class together with their adviser, Ms. Kartika.
Fun and Exciting. I have really a good time being with them, they make me happy and they are fun to be with because they do participate at all times.
Go Teacher Jessa!. Thirty-five minutes before the actual teaching, I already went to the classroom to prepare my instructional materials and I am now ready.💪
Smiley Face. This smiley face will be shown if the class is active and they participate. So in here, the teacher is happy😁
Sad face. This sad face will be shown if they don’t participate and they are so talkative and it is really a very good strategy of mine because they will behave immediately if I will show it.
Seriously Explaining. This is what teacher Jessa wants, to explain detail by detail the concept for them to understand it.
Smile While You Teach. Not all the time, I should look serious because a teacher should smile also because it is in order for the children to be comfortable in learning.
The Look of a Serious Teacher. To be a serious teacher means, she cares for her pupils.

The Meat of Teaching. The teacher feels fulfillment because she can see her students participating through raising their hand and answering.
Giving Chances to Others. As a teacher, I am making sure that my students will have their turn to answer for them to boost their confidence and for them to be recognized.

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