A Day to Reflect On

   I’ve been here in Indonesia for two weeks already. Two weeks away from my family and my friends. It is really hard, I’m missing them a lot but leaving them afar is also a challenge for me because in here, I’m trying to live life independently with my friends and other found friends. I admit it is not really easy. I am surviving, we are surviving even if we are far from our family. In here, I’ve learned how to budget my money, I can say that 150 dollars are already enough for 1 month. I have also widened my ability to socialize with another person even if we are culturally different. They are so kind, they are the kind of friends that is really true to others. Honestly, it is here in this place called Jakarta, Indonesia where I have found true friends. They always understand us even if we have language barriers. They are also kind, that whatever we please to ask, they give it as long as they can provide. If I need help especially, to ask places where I can buy school materials, they are patiently giving me the direction. I love their smile whenever I see. They always smile even if they are tired as well as with me. I really have this feeling that is very light and attached to them. These friends of ours were Ika, Ratna.

   Regarding my teaching mission, I have learned a lot in a classroom setting. I saw children who actively participate, naughty, silent, talkative and as well as those who are advanced in thinking. All I need to do is to understand them. Also to respect and help them because it takes patience to have successful learning. I have also realized and learned that children here love to play, be motivated and they are really attached to their language. So, regarding their favorite which is playing, I will integrate that to my next actual teachings for them to get their attention.

   From all of my experiences and I have learned, I hope, in the next two weeks, I can see a neophyte(myself) to metamorphose.

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