Saturday, Lesson Plan Making

   I have finished making my lesson plan in this day, February 2, 2019 and this is for my final evaluation on Wednesday. Also, I have done making my instructional materials for this subject. I feel so free when I have finished all of this, all I need to do is to relax, be prepared and teach. In doing these things, its really hard for me to start it is because I need to plan deeply so that I will present the best one. I have been thinking for how many days of what to do and I thank God, I still manage to do it. Hopefully, I will be successful when the final teaching comes.

   In this day also, it feels like I was shattered into pieces because my kid isn’t feeling well. It’s really hard to be a mom especially when you’re away from your child. Still, I am praying for his fast recovery.

I’m making my lesson plan in English and it seems that I’m already haggard because I started making my lesson plan when I woke up.😅
This is some draft of my lesson plan.
This is one form of low technology that I will implement.
To Be Wise. It’s hard writing on the floor that is why I got a tape to attach in the paper so that I could write here easily.☺️

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