Preparation and Making of Instructional Materials

   In this day, the school has given us a day off but I don’t want to waste my time. So, what I did is to make my instructional materials in Science, Life Cycle of Animals. So that tomorrow, I have still one lesson plan to finish because I will be having my final demonstration on Wednesday, February 6, 2019. It’s kinda tiring day because I need to think also of my strategies while making my materials in teaching.

These are the instructional materials that I will present in class. Also, I have flash cards as my support in teaching.
These emojis were one of my strategies in teaching especially in classroom management. Sad emoji will be shown if the pupils isn’t listening and the happy emoji if they were active.
Illustration of a Cockroach’s Life Cycle, it has a blank space for the pupils to identify of what stage is
This is also an illustration of a Dragonfly’s Life Cycle in which the pupils will fill it up.
A Froggy Illustration and its like Keropy. This is also for the Life Cycle of a Frog
To be honest, I’m smiling there because it is again the time that we can eat real food😍. For the past week, we have always rely on eating noodles.
I’m very thankful to our coordinator, Mr.Cahya that even if he has a busy schedule, he can still find time for us and he treated us. He is really kind and we can always share our problems with him. He is really a good man. In this picture, we went to the Pizza Hut and I got full here.☺️

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