Day 3 of Actual Teaching

   January 30, 2019, This is my 3rd day of actual teaching. I taught Science 5 under Ms.Nurul’s class. The topic is all about Heat Transfer: Conduction, Convection, and Radiation. I am glad, the pupils were so active. They can answer my questions and they can also share examples. I have also seen pupils that are really attached to Science because they can share different information like condensation. Kelas 5H has also their artistic side. In presenting their activity sheets, they did their best, they have efforted for it and that made me feel that they like me because if not, they would not do it like that. So, I can say that this is a very worth it day.

Naughty yet active kinds of pupils of Kelas 5H
The collaboration of Group 3 and it is a Girls’ Power.
Group 3 are showing their artistic sides.
Group 2 is starting to create their assigned task which is Convection.
They were the Group 1, helping each other.
Their work is almost done.
Presentation of Group 1
Presentation of Group 2
Group 3 will be going to present.

A sweet quote from one of my pupils, John.😘😍
This is the activity sheet of group 1. It is written but the context is very fruitful.
The very illustrative work of group 2. It also made me smile because they named their group ”Infinity Smart” ☺️
The very artistic work of group 3 and this is a girly power. I’m glad they have an ability to do such.💕

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