Day 2 of Actual Teaching

   This day, I have taught Mathematics, Geometrical Shapes which are square, rectangle and triangle. Ms. Nur was my teacher critic.

   Honestly, I feel so sad, because most of the pupils in Grade 4H can’t understand me maybe because they are used to their language which is Bahasa. It is really hard in my part to see my class confused with the English terms. So, to overcome the situation, I did a strategy which is to ask them or it comes from their own of what they call Perimeter and Area in Bahasa. So, starting there, there is a smooth flow of discussion. They interact with me, answered my questions and in the end, I know that they have learned because my objectives have met.

Prepared and Ready☺️
In 7:00 in the morning, we did first is the exercise.
Group Collaboration
I’m happy to see them participating.

Some of my pupils’ works.

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