On the Spot Teaching

   It was a very unique day! Finally, I have experienced teaching but an instant teaching. It made me shock not knowing that I will teach this day because the teacher only told me last Thursday, January 24, 2019, that I will assist her this day January 28, 2019. So I went to Grade 3 Akselerasi Class, the teacher is not yet around and I can see that the pupils are not in their mood, so I asked them to sing with me, My Toes, My Knees, My Shoulder and My Head and we performed and exercise and there they were alive. The teachers came, Ms. Izza and Ms. Edri, now Ms. Izza want me to teach, she said she want to see me teaching. Honestly, I’m not prepared for it but because a teacher is always ready, and I have the confidence to do so, I did it. I taught them about Health Habits in English basing from the book. Upon reading it, there I did the discussion. At first, few participates and the active of them all is Nangela. As I go on the discussion, they can get their mood. So, I asked them to write what are the good health habits that they should always remember and do in the white board and all of them goes in front. They even want to try and try and try and that made me feel so great, happy and fulfilled. They even told me that they like me to be their teacher all throughout my internship here in Indonesia. I felt so guilty because I have other classes to attend to. Nonetheless, I gave them simple present as well as the teacher to remember me, a chocolate.

A picture together with Ms.Edri and Grade 3 Akselerasi
It’s done and they said, they like me even the teachers Ms. Izza and Ms Edri says it so.
Performing My Toes, My Knees, My Shoulder, My Head

We are doing an exercise to maintain good health.
The pupils were very attentive in listening to me.
I wrote a reminder to the pupils, to drink their water 8 times a day.

Very active Nangela❤️
They all want to participate.

Yieeh. I am happy to see them participating😍
This is what they have done. They wrote good habits to maintain their healtiness.

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