A Hint thru Observation

   Friday, January 25, 2019, we went to school for observation. We have observed Ms. Rika, Ms. Nur and Ms. Sorayah. So, we observed first Ms. Rika. By 7:00 in the morning, we already got in 5H room but surprisingly, the teacher is not still around so we waited there for 15 minutes maybe because she’s late due to the rain and when she got in she asked for a pupil to read the Qur’an and that pupil lead the prayer, the prayer took 15 minutes because it is a good Friday for them and after the prayer, someone is collecting money and this money is for the charity. They always give voluntary amounts during Good Friday’s because this is the day when the Qur’an was made. This is a good thing that they always practice and whenever they give the amount of money, in their class they were able to collect 50,000 to 70,000 Rupiah. This charity will be donated to those who experienced earthquakes and calamities. After it, the teacher checked their homework. All I thought that time is she will start now the class but after checking, a few more minutes she started the class. Ms. Rika let the pupils bring out their reading book because they will read the text which is all about the Thermos. She asked some pupils to read it and after which, they highlighted the important concepts in the different paragraphs. In the end, they do the exercise basing from the topic thermos, they will summarize it by paragraph.

   After Ms. Rika, we went to Ms. Nur in her 4H class and there she teaches Mathematics and their topic is about lines. After praying, she let her pupils read first their lesson for them to be prepared and later, she asks them to do the pre-test at the book.  So basing from their test, she discusses. She illustrated examples from the book like the Eiffel Tower, she asked her students what kind of lines it has there. She also let her pupils go in front and write lines. I have also observed that she is giving rewards or motivations like very good at the same time I saw her caught the attention of her pupils to behave by calling her name.

Around 9:00 am, we went to observed Ms. Sorayah, honestly, I get dismayed because instead of observation, she did not focus on it, she let her pupils asked questions about us.

Praying. Using their Qur’an, they prayed for 15 minutes and Aura lead the prayer.
Returning into its Proper Place. After the prayer, they put their Qur’an in the bookshelf and it made me smile here because they walk immediately while still praying to put back their Qur’an in the shelf.
Give and. They give a voluntary amount of money for the charity and it is a good culture of them because they called this day Good Friday
Volunteer to Help. Aura is the one collecting the money.
Homework First. Class 5H fall in line to let Ms. Rika checked their homework.
I’ve introduced myself to the pupils of 5H Class.


They do the highlighting of important concepts.
Exercise for a Better Understanding. After the reading, they did an exercise which is summarizing the text by paragraph.
Ms. Nur teaching lines
Imitating lines Photo Credit: Samantha Nicole Tagari
A pupil participates in class discussion thru going in front to answer. Photo Credit: Samantha Nicole Tagari
Ms. Nur discussing lines Photo Credit: Samantha Nicole Tagari
Boys forming lines to get the concept of how line is created. Photo Credit: Samantha Nicole Tagari
Ms. Sorayah asked her pupils to asked questions about us.

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