Welcome Soedirman!❤️

   Yesterday, January, 23, 2019 is the day when we’ve finally seen the school that we will attend to teach which is SD Islam PB Soedirman. It is just a 15 minutes ride away from UHAMKA Dorm. The three of us, Twinkle Joy, Jessa Mae (me) and Samantha wore our Type A Uniform (MMSU-CTE Uniform) because we will be going to represent our school. When we got to the place, the staffs and teachers there welcomed us especially their principal Mr. Ramdoni, M.Pd. An agreement was happened for our stay in Soedirman and I am glad, they accepted us to have our practicum in their school. So, the next thing that happened is we roamed the place and I can’t believe it because when we got in front of the office, trophies were being displayed and it is many and when we got inside, it shocks me because there are many more trophies and certificates. I uttered, ”The school is an achiever”. On the other hand, Ms. Nur showed us the different places in the school also with the vision and mission as well as the building plan. I have learned that there have around eight to ten grades in their school and it is named according to the alphabet (e.g. 1 A, 2 B and the like). I was also amazed because even in the corridors, trophies were being displayed. Oh, they are so great and intelligent and I must admit, I need to worry and do my best because students here were brilliant as well as the teachers. We have also discover that there is and Akseleri class which is only Grade 1 to Grade 5 and according to Ms. Nur, in order for them to get in this type of section, they will undergo a test which is a psychology test. On the school, there is a bilingual class which it starts from Grade 3 to Grade 5 and in Grade 6, they will now use again Bahasa Indonesia. On the other side, for Grades 1 and 2, the medium of instruction is Bahasa Indonesia. We also found out that there two foreigner teachers. We have met Mr. John, a science teacher from Portugal and he said, he’s already teaching here for 2 years, the other foreign teacher is teaching Mathematics.

   In the afternoon, at 4:00, the three of us also with Dinda and Pabel accompanied us and taught us how to commute in going to school. In here I have learned that the name of the vehicle where we will ride is ”Angkut”. It is a small van. They said, if we have seen a color red Angkot with a number 3, we should ride in there to get in Pegesi where we will wait for another Angkut with a number 06 and they said, we should not be confuse if we see a 06A because that is already different. The fare for the first Angkut is 2000 rupiah while the other is 3000rupiah. I am not saying it’s a cheap price because in our place I only pay ten pesos going in a far place which is equivalent to 2690 rupiah. So, it is a bit expensive. Later on, we went in a mini Mall which is the Cijantung Mall and I found out that the price of the clothes here is cheaper than the price of toys which is expensive enough. After which we went to have our dinner.

   In this day, it was my first time to taste Bobor and it is like lugaw in Philippines. It really taste good. Also, we had lunch with Mr. Cahya and we discussed about what to do and he also said that we can approach him anytime. He also said that we should learn first to do the Salim. For the respective people, we should shake hands and kiss their hand and it is not necessary to kiss the hand of ordinary people, just vow our head in their hand. This is a good culture and I will surely use this.

Soedirman in a few more minutes and a selfie to boost our confidence
Meeting the Heads. In the middle who holds the plaque is Soedirman’s Principal, Mr. Ramdoni.
Vision and Mission of the School
Building Plan of the School

Akseleri room for Grade 3
Image of Excellence. Trophies were over the corridors which indicates that the school is an achiever.
Kind, lovely and charming kids because they know how to respect us.
Mr. John form Portugal who is teaching Science in bilingual classes
Angkut Number 03 Color Red. First Vehicle to Ride in going to Soedirman.
Blue Angkot 06. Last vehicle that stops to Soedirman
Bobor Like Lugaw. It taste good especially when the curry was topped in the food.

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