Fixing of Schedule

   It’s our fourth day of stay here in Indonesia and in this day we already have our schedule to teach and we were able to meet our teachers and fix our schedules. We had a hard time fixing our schedule because the teacher and their time isn’t indicated and there is a conflict. When the schedule was fixed, on the 28th of January, I will assist Grade 3 Akselerasi Class. On the 29th, I will teach Geometric shapes under Maam Nur in 4H Class. Science 5H on January 30 with Ms. Nurul. Also, I will assist Ms. Anisah in conducting a formative test and review test by making it be implemented on the 31st and 7th day of February. I will also teach Tematik Science on the 4th of February and also English for the 6th of February. In the February 08, I will assist Mr. Fathur in his Arts Classes. The remaining week is we will help the teachers in conducting the final test of their pupils. Also, I have already observed one teacher, my English teacher on the 6th, Ms. Mitta. She starts the class with a prayer, greetings, then she proceeded in the review part of the lesson through giving situations and pupils will answer and for the remaining minutes, she does give a quiz and good thing, she gives an example then explain first for them to understand. I have also observed that they have different accent in talking English at first it seems like they are just making fun but as the teacher goes, they have really unique one, they do the rising intonation at the end and it is like they always emphasize something.

   It is a very topsy turvy January 24, 2019. Imagine, we were the one to fixed our schedule and they didn’t give us TTI, when in fact, this should be done before we came😭😭. The host school always tell “follow what the partner school told you”.😩

My schedule that was given first.
Introducing myself to the kids for them to know me better
The format of the teacher’s schedule
This is Bhatara, he’s kinda talking yet kind

Classroom of Grade 3Akselerasi Class
We observed the canteen on what the foods they sell
This is auntie Emy and she’s kind for she gave us a grandma’s hair biscuit or Rambutnene ponk in Indonesia

Topsy Turvy. This is now my final schedule because there are conflicts in the first schedule but in the end, it was all fixed and getting ready for the practice teaching.

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