The Teacher I Would Like to Be

   To be a teacher is not easy, not a joke but a big responsibility, and accepting this is a great challenge.

  From the beginning, I don’t find teaching interesting but as I go on with the flow, I’m starting to get interested in the profession. As a future educator, I would like to be a teacher who would change lives to my learners, from good to best, from worst to best. It is a way that I will develop a close attachment to my learners (an enjoyable class full of life’s lessons) because I do believe that it is not the subject that I will teach matters most but it is how I influence and mold them to be the best person that they can be. On the other hand, a strict teacher for they will be well mannered and disciplined enough. I would be the kind of teacher that will never get tired of explaining lessons until they will understand it. Also, as a teacher, I should know my learners very well because, in that way, I can be their motivator. I will be their strength if they are feeling weak. I will be their hope if they are feeling hopeless because I would be their approachable friend and a mother.

   Big responsibility as what others say, but for me, it is a job that I will treasure for a lifetime.

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