My Stepping Stone

As a future teacher, it is very important to always have with you, your own philosophy of education because this will be my guide in teaching my learners.

   In my four years learning towards my course, elementary/primary education, I have observed situations that urge me to apply situations that I thought it is best for my future learners. So, I always envision my learners, a productive individual because being productive can do things more than what you have expected from them. On the other hand, I always bear in my mind that learners who go to school have already knowledge equipped in them yet it should still be widened and utilize. Also, I always keep in my heart and mind that they should always learn appropriate to their level and be exposed into a healthy environment that will develop their various skills and in that way they will be experientially independent.

   I have mentioned above those learners who go to school have already knowledge equipped in them yet it should still be widened and utilize for them to be more active and to gain more information and skills because if this will not be applied, a decrease of abilities will happen and this is true. As a teacher in the future, I should consider all this matter, because, in a learning environment, we really should expect these instances. A concrete example of this is when a mother taught her 3-year-old child to count numbers, learn ABC, classify colors, now expect that they have learned something. So, in this case, if the child goes to school, the teacher’s role here is to facilitate the child, for the better understanding of this concept and how to utilize all of these in their day to day lives. As what stated by Vygotsky, “Learners’ minds are full of ideas waiting to be ‘midwifed by the teacher with his/her skillful facilitating skills”.

   In teaching learners, I should consider all their abilities and capabilities to do so. Also, they should learn step by step because, in the end, they will suffer if it is not done in a systematical way. In here, I have stated that they will suffer because if they have not understood the basic of the lesson, learners won’t be able to apply it to the next lesson, just like in solving a mathematical expression. First, you should familiarize of the basic formulas in able to solve the problem. From this argument, it is in relation to the Thorndike’s Law of Readiness, in which it implies the degree of preparedness and eagerness to learn and this is what learners need to succeed in life.

 Learners should become experientially independent. In here, pragmatism enters. We all know that in pragmatism, this is the reality of experience. This is where it can best apply the experiences of each child in a given situation. On the other hand, For a learner to become experientially independent, the teacher itself should be ready, he/she must really have the passion to teach, because if these were missing, you can’t develop a child to be like this.

   Constructivism, Progressivism, and Pragmatism, these three philosophies embodies my philosophy of education as a future teacher. It is based on these philosophies of how I want my learners to become. As I have stated above, I can say that my own philosophy of education is to develop readily and experientially independent learners. In which it will help them fade the fears in learning as well as in doing school activities for they can apply all of these in real life situations. This philosophy will be my stepping stone on becoming a preceptor.

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