Let’s Talk More About Metamorphosing Neophyte

Why Metamorphosing Neophyte?

In my 21 years of existence in this world, I admit, I have experienced the so-called wheel of fate. I have my ups and downs. All throughout my childhood, I am an achiever. Yes, I am, but as the time goes by, my abilities were tested, I made mistakes and there I can sense that no one’s trust my abilities anymore. They all thought of me a neophyte and its like it will just stay like this. I felt frustration, there’s even a time I downed myself and there one by one is hating me, make eyes of me, don’t believe in me and criticize me. It hurts right? But I was awakened, I don’t want to see myself forever like this because I have envisioned myself a successful one and has worth in this world. So from that day on, I am making a way to prove myself that I can do it, even if at times I am a neophyte.

“I want a change”, I claimed. So, I focused on my studies, and took up elementary education. I found myself smiling, because I can see progress in me and not knowing that one day an opportunity came and this is the SEA-Teacher Project and it’s like WOW, a great opportunity where I can develop more my abilities, skills and way in dealing with other nation as a future teacher. I asked my family and they gave me a big thumbs up.

So, in this situation, I will not waste this opportunity, it will be my way of improving myself, and I hope that in the end of this journey, a neophyte like me will metamorphose into a fine preceptor.

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