Hitting Two Activities in One Day

   On this day, January 4, 2019, was the scheduled online orientation for us Batch 7 SEA-Teacher. I prepared for this because I will have background knowledge of what I’m going to do when I get into the place. I fixed myself and went immediately to the school. Unfortunately, as it goes by, the meeting was interrupted and canceled not knowing the reason why. So, I felt nervous because I might not know what to do. There, I made a way and went home and in the house, I surf over the YouTube and searched for the past online orientation videos and after I have watched it, I felt relieved.

Last December 27, 2019, we got a message from Prof. Mee Jay Domingo informing us to register for our Blog Workshop and I complied immediately. I have chosen January 4, 2019, as the day for my training. I joined the workshop through Webex in the afternoon and I did this in our home. I learned a lot here wherein I have noted the required reports that were given by Ms. Piyapa, as well as the steps in making a blog who was taught by Mr. Purnomo. On the other hand is Mr. Nithan who was able to give us the blog contents and examples of blogs. Now, I can say that I am ready.

Photo Credit: Ronnel Banquirig
Photo Credit: Ronnel Banquirig

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